Pico Night Climb

Experience a safe and secure journey to the summit of Mount Pico (2351m) with our qualified and certified local guide. Witness the breathtaking sunrise. Be rewarded with one of the best views for miles, and take in some of nature's most inspiring sights. Enjoy a memorable experience with the peace of mind that you are safe.

If desired, we can include a delicious Soup (thermal container 500 grams per person, €5 extra in cash)


  • Certified Local Guide
  • Transfers from Madalena / Casa da Montanha / Madalena
  • GPS required for each climber
  • Pico Mountain Access Fee
  • Hiking poles and flashlights
  • Photos of the activity
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Surprise at the end of the activity
  • Cup of Coffee or Tea

Meeting point: Mountain House at 1:20 am.

Return at 11:00 am back to Mountain House. Meeting times vary seasonally due to sunset/sunrise; see details.

We'll email you an itinerary, details, and info after reserving.

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