What is the difficulty level of climbing Mount Pico?

A: Medium, all climbers must be in decent physical shape to successfully complete this climb.

Are backpacks included, if yes how heavy do they tend to weigh?

A: Yes backpacks are included, they tend to weigh 7-9 kg.

When doing the overnight climb, what time do we make it back to the Mountain House at?

A: We arrive back at the Mountain House at around 12:00pm. Be sure to schedule any departures from the island after 1:00pm to be safe.

Is this climb ok for people who suffer from Vertigo (aka fear of heights)?

A: This climb is NOT suitable for people who suffer from the fear of heights.

Is there a place to keep our personal belongings during the climb?

A: Yes you can leave your personal belongings in our company vehicle during the climb.

What happens in the case of our climb being cancelled?

A: Please read our cancellation/refund policy. In addition, we would offer an alternative date or activity. If we can't book for an alternative day or activity then we offer a one year voucher that stay's as a credit in case you want to return to do the climb in the next 12 months.

I didn't receive my email confirmation, what now?

A: Please check your other email inboxes such as, spam, social & promotions.


Is food and water included?

A: No, your food and Water is your responsibility and mandatory to bring. We recommend 3L of water per person and if possible one main meal ( sandwich) with high in fibber snacks.

What's the temperature like on Top of Pico Mountain?

A: In the summer it ranges from 10 to 12 degrees, and in the winter it ranges from -3 to 1 degrees (temperatures may vary). We recommend bringing waterproof and warm clothes in case of unexpected weather changes.