Pico Mountain Climb

Mount Pico is the highest mountain in Portugal and the third highest volcano in the North Atlantic Ocean.
Elevation: The peak is at 7,713 feet | 2,351m
Duration: 6-8+ hours (4 hours to the TOP, 4 hours down) each person varies. 
Difficulty: Hard 4/5
Markers: Total of 47 Poles

Mount Pico 2351-m-high stratovolcano occupying the eastern end of Pico Island is the highest volcano in the Azores. Its signature views are not only breathtaking but also a 5 star ***** accommodation. Natural stars that is, youll get to experience... millions of them. Being one of the five islands of the central group. Sunrise views from the summit is truly a memorable experience that is an unforgettable sight. An eruption during 1562-64 from the SE rift zone produced lava flows that reached the northern coast. An eruption from a nearby vent issued lava flows that traveled into the sea on the southern side of the island. A flank eruption from Pico in 1718 fed lava flows that reached both coasts.


This volcano is located within the Azores, a UNESCO Global Geopark property.