PMU Sun Boonie Hat

Dark Beige

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to protect yourself from the Sun while walking, mountain climbing, fishing or camping, look no further. PMU's Sun Boonie Hat is a combination of timeless, practicality, and vintage. It never seems to get out of style! So, why not tour around in a coolish style while being protected from the Sun. Ready to get into the 80s-90s nostalgic vibe! 🤟 

  • Category: Sun Hat
  • Adjustable Drawstring
  • Season: Summer
  • Function: Breathable - the large mesh design and the high-quality fabrics make the Hat remarkably breathable Quick Dry
  • Fabric: Cotton/Polyester
  • Details: Big Brim - Its wide brim can block the Sun's rays from the head and neck from all directions but does not block the line of sight to ensure the safety of all activities
  • Print: Solid Color
  • Color: Khaki

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