Everyone Has A Story, Here Is Ours...

If we were a computer Manuel would be the hardware and David would be the software.

If we were a bike Manuel would be the frame and David would be the wheels.

If we were an orange juice Manuel would be the orange and David would be the glass.

You see where we are going with this... right?

If we were in the restaurant business Manuel would be the kitchen chef and David would be the host.

If we were in the wine business, Manuel would be making wine and David would be selling the wine.

If we were in the media business Manuel would be filming and David would be filmed.

If we were in the tourism business Manuel would the people’s guide and David the booking agent…

BUT, wait. We were working in the tourism industry until COVID-19 appeared and completely stopped us from doing what we, Portuguese people love to do - receive, accommodate and showcase our Portugal to the world.

So without further ado, we need your help to maintain our team at Pico Me Up and get through this together. Can you help?

Anything counts, a smile, a thumbs up emoji, a message of encouragement, a share of our story, a purchase on our site, a suggestion to keep going…

If you know someone who may need help, let us know so we can also do our part and offer what we can. Regardless of what's happening we must keep trying and together we will be able to keep our spirits up until the light shines again.

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